Technical Services

Athletics Points calculator

The Athletics Points calculator helps to score and calculate the points in combined events like Decathlon, Heptathlon, Haxathlon and Triathlon. The calculator also helps to converts the performance of individual events of an athlete into points, which makes easy job for the organisers to find the total points of each athlete in the combined events. The software also displays the result of that combined event as per the points scored by each participants. We can easily find the Best performing athletes for each group in a particular meet through the Athletics Points calculator.

Field marking calculator

SMR Sports has designed our own calculator for finding all the various marking dimensions required to mark a track and field ground as per the available size of land. All the dimensions required for a 400m or 200m oval track and field grounds. We can provide consultancy in correct and best utilization of land to accumulate maximum grounds in available space of land.

Educational Videos

SMR Sports educates the sports lovers with various sports educational videos through our YouTube Channel – SMR SPORTS.


SMR Sports provides professional Sports Event Services in India. All events have their own special needs and challenges. We offer sporting solutions through strategic planning, event management, and technology to meet client's strategic objectives